10 Things Not To Do in Campus Placements

Placement season is finally here! Bringing a perfect mix of nervousness, curiosity, and excitement into students, campus placements are a sight to behold. Students decked out in their formals, brainstorming over a particularly important question, waiting for their interview turn, or just cooling off: all of this can be seen at a college placement session. Of course, the joy is unparalleled when a student gets accepted in their dream company, but for those who don’t? Try, try again!


things not to do in campus placements


Campus placements are by no means a piece of cake. The best companies only want the best students to be their future employees. They settle for nothing but the cream of the crop, resulting in competition among students being more intense than ever before. A whole host of people will tell you what to do in order to ace the campus placements, yet, here we are, telling you the top 10 things you should definitely not do in the placement sessions. Let’s go ahead and discuss what are the things not to do in caus placements.


  1. Lie on your CV

Recruiters are used to dealing with CVs every day. They can spot a fake entry in a CV quicker than an eagle spots its prey. Interviewers and recruiters want students to showcase truth and utter truth in their resumes, so, by all means, do not put something on your CV just to impress the recruiters. It will surely backfire.


  1. Not researching before sitting for interview sessions

As a potential employee of a company, one is expected to have sound knowledge of the company, the role being offered to them and what does the company expect from them. Students not doing so are mostly considered as not taking the opportunity too seriously, something which does not fit well with recruiters.


  1. Running after the money

Candidates usually have one thing on the top of their priority list: a handsome package. Some students do not care about the job profile being offered to them, rather they just want a high-paying job. This is not only harmful to the company, but the student’s career as well. Accepting a job you are not genuinely interested in, and are only in it for the moolah is never a good sign. Half-hearted efforts on the job will thus get you fired sooner or later.


  1. Not understanding the job profile

Since your interview hinges on what kind of profile is being offered to you, understanding the kind of role being offered to you is simply a must. Being choosy with a certain kind of job profile can also be detrimental for students’ careers. Sometimes students do not understand that to be good at something, they need to learn a few extra things as well. Rejecting a sales profile, just because the demanded profile is marketing could be considered as a blasphemy for freshers.


  1. Being overconfident

Sure, confidence is key to acing the campus placements, but an excess of everything is bad, isn’t it? If you come across as someone who has an attitude, recruiters would surely prefer other candidates over you. Learn to answer all questions to the point, and do not try to outsmart or interrupt the interviewers. Speak only when you are allowed to. Most importantly, relax!


  1. Being negative

Ruining a good placement is as easy as pie. Being negative is one of the most popular ways to do it. Complaining about facilities, being rude to coordinators, arriving late for tests and interviews, dressing casually, and acting unprofessionally are all considered as negative indicators of a person’s behaviour. Be sure to avoid these, and just be yourself.


  1. Succumbing to peer pressure

Seeing your friends get placed in good companies can surely be a demotivating factor. This may also pressure you into compromising for a job profile that you are not interested in, or the wrong company for your career goals. The important thing here is not to lose hope, and not to give in to peer pressure. Remember, you aren’t perfect, but you’re good. A good placement is sure to come!

  1. Neglecting academics

Anyone who says marks aren’t important in college is making a fool out of you. Most companies have a certain cut-off of your average percentage as of the placement season, and if you fall below it, you would not be allowed to appear for the placement process of that company. It is one of the most basic things you can do, while still being the most important thing to be done. Study hard!


  1. Not working on projects

Projects are a great way to reflect your passion and ability to work in your field of choice. Including one or two good projects related to the job profile in your CV is bound to give you an edge over other candidates, since you already have experience in what you are expected to do at the company. Don’t slack on projects; in fact, work on them from the day you step into college.

Believe it or not, projects turn out to be more crucial that most of you would ever expect them to be. Project is the best thing that an interviewer would want to talk to you about.


  1. Not being the real you!

Often in an attempt to impress interviewers, students do things that do not necessarily reflect their character. Talking too much or too little, trying to outsmart the interviewers, or being overwhelmed by the occasion are all signs that the real you is slipping away! Companies want to hire you for what you are, not what you pretend to be.


There you go! The 10 most dreaded things to avoid during campus placements, if you want a good job. All the best, and rock the placement season!