Currently, blockchain is growing globally. Even though blockchain development is not a common profession in India, there is a lot of scope for those who are interested in becoming blockchain developers. Mainly because blockchain is here to stay!

Before we dive into the tips to become a blockchain developer, let’s understand their roles and responsibilities. There are two main types of blockchain developers:

a. Core blockchain developer
As a core blockchain developer, you need to understand and implement blockchain features and functionality, design blockchain protocols, design security for the network and ensure that the network functions as you want it to.

b. Blockchain software developer
As a blockchain software developer, your role would be to develop and then implement the blockchain with the use of the designs that would be created by the core blockchain developers. You would be developing the backend and frontend of dApps and ensure that they are running smooth. A dApp is a decentralized application (computer application) that works through a distributed computing system.

Here are the top 4 tips on becoming a blockchain developer:

  • Learn languages and code
    As a blockchain developer, you would have to be extremely skilled at developing good code that is bug-proof and eliminate vulnerabilities that can give away private information and bitcoins to hackers. Java, Python, Ruby, Rust, Solidity, Go, and C# are some of the languages that can be used in in blockchain development.
  • Learn the concepts
    Just like every other profession, blockchain development also comes with its own set of concepts and jargon. However, if you’re going to work in the field, you must learn the most common words and concepts that professionals use. These include words and concepts such as:
    Decentralized – Blockchain is known to be ‘decentralized’ due to the absence of a central supervising authority.
    Consensus mechanism – The method through which a decentralized network is brought to a consensus on some specific matters.
    Miners – These are those who use computations to mine for blocks. Blocks are units that contain valuable data. A blockchain is made of a chain of blocks that are encrypted and secure.
  • Learn the process
    It’s almost impossible for a blockchain developer to succeed without first exploring and understanding the bitcoin world from the buyer perspective. So, one of the most important steps would be to understand the bitcoin system by trying out an exchange. You could go to Coinbase or any other bitcoin exchange that is available in your region. The idea is to familiarise yourself with the exchange and the process, you can start off by buying only a few coins through a basic online wallet. Here, you need to be careful because online wallets save your private key on another server and so, you should not keep large amounts of money in your online wallet. 
  • Code your way through all the challenges
    We say challenges here because the process of creating and maintaining public blockchains is not as easy as it seems. The biggest challenge you would be dealing with, as a developer would be creating a secure blockchain code. In case a hacker or a scammer is able to hack into your code, they can do away with millions of dollars. Another challenge would be to build the code in a versatile language, while also keeping up with the demands of the network.

Apart from these tips, becoming a blockchain developer would also require a lot of dedication and hard work from you. Once you master the art of blockchain development, there’s no stopping!