There are certain factors to keep in mind while choosing the right GMAT course for you. The major factors comprise of interactivity, the value for cost, flexibility, accountability along with customization, access to a private tutor, and also adaptive learning.

An ideal course offers all the plus points of self-study along with helping you focus on what is crucial for the test and score, and where to pay more attention.


What is your method of studying? Whether you want to cover most of your courses in a classroom or online? Do you prefer a rich, multimedia experience? These questions will help you decide better which GMAT course is best for you.


A GMAT preparation class will look more practical if you feel calm in a classroom setting, your budget is very high, you are self-motivated and don’t have big breaks in your knowledge that need exceptional care, and your timetable can accommodate a course that meets at a specific time every week. But the actual work happens back at home when you practice and try to figure out solutions by yourself.


With advancement, you can experience a teacher-in-a-classroom experience online. This allows the test takers to choose their time and place of study. This kind of package usually has videos and powerpoint presentations showing the course material along with a bulk of practice questions.

They also offer live online courses as an option. It is similar to the traditional GMAT class except you watch the tutor through a screen. 


The private tutoring opts if you want a very high score and an individual study plan, and especially – if we have extra money to spare in order to get additional attention and feedback or to spend more time on certain areas. In case you have lack of time or do not prefer to be stuck to a classroom schedule or interrupted by others then it is preferable over a classroom-based GMAT course.

But there are many ways of solving GMAT questions and no particular way is better for everybody. If we keep aside the value for money factor, even the best private tutors only recognize what they see in some questions that you have solved in front of them. They can’t help you with the tools that are best for you.


Rather than recreating the teacher in a classroom experience online, you can also make use of personalized machine learning to bring the good out of each student. They monitor 1000s of other students who are handling the same question as you, and provide you with the best possible private tutor: the one, who observes each and every answer given by you, who sees all the answers that 1000s of other students have given, and finds the perfect match between your way of thinking and what proved effective to others.  

Each course must be customized according to the needs of that particular exam and the recent exam pattern. You should keep this in mind when you are looking for the best GMAT course.


You must see their terms and conditions before joining the course. Some of the GMAT courses offer around 50 to 70 point money-back guarantee. But make sure that you are meeting their conditions. They may ask you to send your score report prior to the starting of course in order to qualify. This is really crucial for re-takers and an equally important factor for people who are looking to find the best GMAT courses.


You must check whether the system the course provider is using is adaptive in any way? Is the course provider offers feedback if you fail or have a hard time with some question types? 

And in case of in-person and live courses see to it if someone reviews your progress and how often? 


While picking the best GMAT courses, you must also focus on the value for money that each course offers. To make sure that you are not wasting any money, you should assess each course on the basis of its merits. It is really crucial for confirming what you are getting with the course. You should understand the duration of the course. First of all request a syllabus in order to figure out what exactly is covered. Also, check how many tests you are given and also check if you are getting enough services and practice questions. You should make sure that you are able to submit your essays for an assessment but via a human and not a machine and if in case you are taking an online course you should make sure that you can access the course through mobile.

In case of the in-person and traditional courses will offer you their book bundles and often even the official guide for GMAT.

And as far as the self-paced and online courses are concerned, they tend to provide all their resources online while will save your money and you can also take advantage of their additional features and functionality, such as computer-adaptive tests (CATs).

Since there are so many companies to choose from, it is always advisable to test them out for real. The majority of the GMAT companies provide certain kinds of free materials such as practice problems, trial accounts, videos and much more, which you can use to test out a product before you actually purchase it. Many of the courses offer free trials, but it is also worth looking at course reviews.

Choosing a GMAT course wisely means choosing a course that fits in your specific needs. 

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