Best GRE books that should definitely be in your Amazon cart!

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I know you must have some questions.

Have you been looking all over the net to decide which ones should be in your Amazon cart?

Are you looking for something beyond the holy grail of prep?

What if the book you pick ends up being a waste of your money?

What about the precious time you’d have wasted with that book?

Which GRE Books are the most important?

These are some of the dreadful questions you must be facing while compiling the best GRE study material for your prep.

Well, you’re going to have answers

Once you’re done reading this article our team of 4 put 30 hours of research and surveying instructors and students in.

To begin with, the nature of GRE Trends is very dynamic. And the same goes for the suitable study material for GRE.

But, we promise you. We will keep updating this piece as required and never let you put the wrong book for GRE in your Amazon carts.

Also, the pursuit and research to find the best books to boost your GRE Score are all fine. But there is absolutely no substitute to hard work and a well thought and efficiently executed strategy.

Here’s the list of the MUST HAVES for a successful GRE Preparation.

1. ETS’ The official guide to the GRE General Test.

The $28 Official Guide to the GRE General Test (3rd Edition) is available on Amazon.

Let me do a favor to you, tell you something about this book. About its importance.

Your GRE Score is directly proportional to how well have you used this book. You heard it right, it’s THAT important.

And I’m not kidding you when I say that even a difference of 3-4 marks does make a difference, whether or not you’ll make it to your dream college. Have a look at How percentile varies with GRE Score.

The questions in this one are the best ones for GRE Prep out there. They’re written by the test makers themselves, after all.

The best part is the robust strategy section that they have put in. This would be a blessing for those weak in maths or new to the dynamics of GRE Prep. The book is divided into 9 parts. The well-structured design of this book is another plus for it. Also, it has an absolute degree of authenticity and credibility for being the OFFICIAL guide in the first place. It’s meant to reflect the real GRE.

2. Manhattan Prep GRE set of 8 strategy guides, 4th edition.

Having one book giving you an idea what the test-makers think of the GRE and how they want you to approach the test at your disposal. Yes, the official guide I mentioned above. What else do you need to ace the GRE?

You need something which can give you the touch of an experienced instructor who has had years of experience with GRE. This set of 8 books is just that. You need an intelligent voice taking you through the gruesome GRE syllabus, helping you with doubts, giving you insights only years of experience can help one make. This set of 8 books is just that.

Another plus of these books is their engaging nature which is very important if you don’t love being bored or left scratching your head with incomplete explanations. The most important part of this series, buying any one of these will get you access to their practice tests.

3. Manhattan 5 lb Book of GRE Practice Problems

Another one from Manhattan Prep in our must-have GRE Books. The reason being, there is just NO other resource which comes this close to the actual GRE Test. The text completion and sentence equivalence do have some obscure vocabulary, but the tailor-made reading comprehensions do make it up. Not to mention the indisputable quality of the quant section.

Just like other materials from Manhattan prep, this one too has the comprehensive nature, which is applaud by students and instructors alike.

4. Barron’s 1100 words you need to know for GRE.

Vocabulary being something whose importance cannot be underestimated, this book is something that helps you with the questions on vocabulary, saving you the pain of learning a list of words with definitions.

The use of paragraphs and inferential questions asked along with these paragraphs are something that proves to be instrumental in a great GRE Verbal score.

Have any other book in mind suitable for this list? Help us get there.

Feel free to comment.

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