The MBA program is ranked 8th as per the QS Global MBA ranking in the year 2018. The school’s core curriculum is comprehensive and has flexible electives so that students can gain deep expertise in a particular business discipline. An integral part of the Columbia MBA is the collaborative learning.


If you are dedicated and innovative and have an endless curiosity for uncovering savvy business solutions, you’re ready to take on an MBA program that’s just like you. Let us see some highlights to get a sense of what’s in store for the 2 years.

Theory in practice

Whatever you learn will be instantly applicable in real-world situations. You will get firsthand view into their transformative research. Using this knowledge, you will work to develop innovative solutions to real world business problems.


By looking at their beautiful Morningside Heights campus you will see the world reflected in their culture and the content of their work. From almost 90 countries students come to the Columbia Business School and bring with them every kind of business experience.


When choosing an MBA program, we cannot underestimate Columbia’s relationship with New York City. The city fuels so much of what is happening at the school, from the executives in Residence program to speakers and conferences.


The core of their philosophy is the entrepreneurial mindset. The courses teach you to emphasize your individual initiative by identifying, valuing, and capturing opportunity no matter what field you’re in.

Alumni Network

No other business school has more accessible network as that of the Columbia Business School. Over 40, 000 alumni work in more than 100 countries, often at the very top of their fields. You can see their passion for the school in the time they give to current students via mentoring, lectures, internships, and so much more.

Career Management

With MBA from the Columbia Business School, your career prospects multiply exponentially. The transformation of the student’s professional life begins with a visit to the Career Management Center. The CMC helps the students connect with opportunities, from internships to full-time employment, and provide guidance throughout the cycles of their career.

Campus life

Your student experience at this university will be defined by much more than coursework. Be a part of campus traditions, community service, and student organizations reflecting a full spectrum of backgrounds and interests.


The courses at CBS are taught by 150 full time faculty members and by more than 100 adjuncts who are practitioners from a wealth of industries. The curriculum helps build the necessary foundation for success in any field, while the elective provide insight into specialized areas of expertise.
The school has more than 100 student organization while helps the students rewire their brains for success amid uncertainty.


The faculty members at the CBS are world famous for generating new thinking as well as having a genuine impact on current business practices. They offer the students an insider’s view into their industry and the tools you’ll need to take those lessons into your chosen field.
They try to break down the barriers between traditionally isolated disciplines and share lectures in core curriculum classes, giving you a truly holistic look at pertinent business topics.


The CBS offers a huge range of dual degree options. The students can mix a MBA from Columbia with any 1 of the 10 other professional degrees such as law, engineering, medicine, international affairs, or social work. They can also apply separately to the Business School and the second school.
The students of the dual degree register in one school per term. Unless otherwise noted, they may begin in either school and tailor their registration in subsequent terms to meet their academic objectives, provided they meet both schools’ course, residence, and sequencing requirements.


The building of community begins right at the MBA start, as the students are assigned to clusters of 65 to 70 fellow students who take all of the first year classes together.
Each cluster comprises of people from all over the world, with a wealth of different skills, ideas, leadership styles, and backgrounds. They come closer by sharing so much of the academic experience together.

Learning Teams

Then each cluster is further divided into a group of 5 students from diverse professional and personal backgrounds and completes the assignments as a team. It helps the students connect the dots between the different areas of study in the core, creating a more holistic, real-world, and lasting education.


This degree is designed to be completed in a term of 2 years and consists of 18 credits of required core coursework along with a minimum of 42 credits of elective courses.
Any transfer of credits from other institutions will not be applied toward the MBA degree.
A student has to repeat a failed core course and in case of a failed elective, it must be either repeated or replaced by another.


It is a major investment to attend the Columbia Business School. They have a belief that you are investing in your future with an unbeatable cost benefit ratio.
The CBS Financial Aid Office helps the students finance their MBA program, as well as aid the students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and professional potential.
You can attend their events, visit their campus and speak with their current students to gain further insights into the unique experience that is Columbia Business School.
Phone: 212- 854- 1961
Their office is located in 216 Uris Hall on Columbia University’s Morningside Heights Campus.
You can speak with their admission counselor from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday.