In this article, we will be discussing the variation of GRE Percentiles with the score. This data was released by ETS. This is a part of our GRE Guide for students planning on taking GRE in 2018.

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Why is GRE PERCENTILE important?

As you know, the aim of every test is evaluating and comparing different students based on the relevant scales, whether it is for admissions, for a job and what-not.

The same goes here.

ETS releases a chart with scores and percentile rankings for verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. For instance, if you have scored a 170 in quantitative and verbal, your percentile is 98 and 99 respectively. The corresponding percentile numbers for a score of 150 is 40 and 45 respectively.

We are going to put up a table with the scores and corresponding percentiles.

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What exactly is a good GRE score?

While it is common for the students to gauge just how well they stack up when the application season comes!

It is very difficult to define a specific “GOOD” score. Different admission officers of different programmes tend to evaluate students on different scales, which makes it difficult to fathom for students about what is a good GRE score.

The GRE Percentile data released by ETS can help you to get an idea of what might be the score required for you to get into your course of choice.

Here’s the TABLE!

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Let’s look at some insights.

It can be seen here that the Quant scores tend to be a little bit higher than Verbal scores.

How can we tell?

Because percentiles for Quant are lower. So while a 165 has you scoring higher than 96% of test-takers on Verbal, you’ve only scored higher than 89% of test-takers on Quant with that score. So, more people scored higher than 165 on Quant than on Verbal (11% versus 4%).

Aso, test-taker scores tend to cluster around the middle of the scale. A six-point increase from 149 to 155 nets you a 26-point percentile increase on either section! By contrast, a 6-point increase from 165 to 170 only nets you a 3-percentile increase on Verbal or an 8-percentile increase on Quant.

Essentially, you get a little more bang for your buck with point increases if you are starting out closer to the middle of the scale than at the ends.

We will be adding more in the GRE Guide. Feel free to suggest anything you think we should do.

Till then, STAY TUNED!

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