How to ace the GRE: Learn from the topper himself!

 Acing the GRE is not impossible!

After an excruciating 3 hours and 45 minutes in front of the computer, Jeevanjot Singh, a software engineer undergraduate from Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, was eagerly waiting for his GRE test scores. Both verbal reasoning and quantitative aptitude had been mentally draining sections, but Jeevanjot gave his absolute best, and now was hoping for the best score possible.

The clock ticked… he clicked on submit… the short wait felt like years.

And then, his score popped up on screen.

Verbal reasoning- 170

Quantitative reasoning- 170

Total- 340

Jeevanjot could not believe his eyes. He had scored a perfect 340 in the Graduate Record Examinations test! He was ecstatic and filled with joy. All of the hard work and sleepless nights had paid off!

Jeevanjot is a student much like everyone else looking to give the GRE. And by that, we mean to say that everyone who appears for the test has the capability to achieve a perfect score. Hard work, smart thinking and a will to succeed is what’s required! To make your job easier, we have some inputs from the topper, Jeevanjot himself.

Q. Congratulations on your success, Jeevanjot! How are you feeling?

A. Thank you very much! I feel extremely joyous to have achieved such a huge milestone. The feeling of making my family proud has added another level of happiness to my already-elevated joy.

Q. Awesome! May we know how did you prepare for the exam?

A. Sure! GRE is all about mastering your verbal and quantitative reasoning. I joined a coaching class, Jamboree Education, but now, I feel that it is not necessary for candidates to join coaching classes. As long as you have sufficient material with you, self-study is enough for you to ace the exam. Sure, classes may help you in scheduling your studies and meeting other candidates, the nature of the exam is such that you do not need to rely on coaching to succeed.

Q. What material did you refer to?

A. I mainly studied my Jamboree books and used the Galvanise and Magoosh apps to increase my vocabulary.

Q. So, what are your plans for the future? Where do you want to study?

A. I am currently pursuing Software Engineering. Therefore, I see the United States of America as an ideal place to pursue further studies. All the cutting edge of my work is explored there. Every major software and IT firm has their headquarters in that region. So, I want to study in the best American universities, for instance, CMU, Georgia tech and UCLA.

Q. Great! Are there any tips and tricks that you would like to give to fellow aspirants?

A. Many tricks like mnemonics and word roots can help you gain an advantage in the exam, only if you know about them from the get go. It makes preparation a whole lot easier, while catapulting your vocabulary to the next level.

Q. Okay, that’s all we wanted to know. All the best for your future endeavours!

A. Thank you so much!