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The definitive guide on How to crack GRE.

Almost every student has dreamed of it. To answer the question: “How to crack GRE”

You must have also felt like scoring a 330+ in the GRE.


You want to get into the most prestigious Universities in the world and be the envy of all. You want to get funding too and make your parents proud!

Here’s a short guide on how to ace GRE. It’s going to be a bit long read, but we promise it won’t be boring and will be totally worth it!

1. Know the Test Structure.

Your first step should be to know the test structure.  As simple as this may sound, many students often tend to neglect this part of their GRE test prep. It always makes sense to get to know the test first, and then figure out how to crack it.We will try to break it down for you in this section.

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How to crack GRE

First is Verbal Reasoning. The GRE Verbal Reasoning section tests your high-level reading and language skills. You are asked vocabulary questions in which you need to choose the appropriate word(s) for a given sentence based on context, and reading comprehension questions that have to do with parsing the main ideas and interpreting the details of complex passages.

This section is adaptive in nature. It means your performance in a 20 question sub-section determines the level of question you get in the next 20 question sub-section. If you want a score towards the higher end of the scale, you need to be able to access that more difficult second subsection.

Second is Quantitative Reasoning. This section measures skills related to mathematical and quantitative information, including reasoning, understanding, analyzing, and solving problems. You’ll be provided with an on-screen calculator for this portion of the test.

The majority of GRE quantitative questions won’t require tons of number-crunching if you know how to approach them, but they will require thinking about foundational math concepts in innovative ways.

The final section of the test is Analytical Writing. This portion is more expressive than the last two and focuses on evaluating your ability to articulate complex ideas, engage in productive dialogue, support your arguments with data or examples, and generally use the English language for effective communication.

The Verbal and Quantitative sections of the GRE General Test are scored on a scale from 130 to 170 points. 170 represents a perfect score. The Analytical Writing section is scored differently, on a scale from 0 to 6 in half-point increments. Six is the highest possible score. Maki sng sure that you’re on top of this thing is an important part of how to crack GRE.


2. Work on your skills. Don’t just wonder “How to crack GRE”

How to crack GRE


First things first, GRE is not your mid-term exam. It won’t work out if you do not work on some of the specific skills that GRE demands.

Some of the important skills you will need to possess are reading skills, logical reasoning, ability to extract information data from a math question, data interpretation skills, process of elimination, etc.

You can not just excel at these skills within a matter of weeks. It takes a well-devised strategy to develop them. Read some books, do some mental maths. We will shortly be adding “HELP IVY 555 High-Frequency Vocabulary words” and “QUANT TIPS AND TRICKS”. You can follow us on Facebook for updates like these.


3. Take a GRE Prep course to crack GRE.

This is yet another way of increasing your chances if the question you’re looking to answer is “how to crack GRE”. Gre preparation courses are not something that every person can afford. But if you happen to be from a loaded family, don’t hold yourself back. A lot of these GRE courses are totally worth it. However, we don’t really encourage spending a bunch of money unnecessarily. Use your best judgments.

If you guys think we should do a post on how to choose the best GRE preparation courses, do let us know in the comment box!


4. Study Regularly

You can and sometimes, will get away in your college exams with a studying-once-in-a-week strategy.

But GRE is different.

You need to devise a strategy on how to crack GRE according to which you study regularly for a certain interval keeping in mind that you revise what you learned in the past. Studying Regularly is an if “how to crack GRE” is the question you want to answer.

5. Taking time out for GRE Preparation.

It is very important to keep your calendar free for at least 5-6 weeks before you take the test.

This is to ensure that your focus is entirely on GRE preparation. This further helps you to emphasize equally on the various sections of the test.

A 340 scorer planned to take the GRE in the last week of his 3 months summer break so that she could have the 3 months time of summer break dedicated entirely to GRE prep.

6. Getting the right resources.

Another crucial thing about your GRE preparation is the study material.

Given the wealth of information available online and offline, and given the range of choices that students have when it comes to picking a prep course for the GRE, it is understandable that there is a lot of confusion.Figuring a way out to get rid of this confusion is an important part of how to crack GRE.

With myriad of choices to choose from, these are the recommended study material for acing the GRE

How to crack GRE

  • ETS Official Guide – Written by the maker of the GRE test, this official test prep book covers all the basic concepts that you come across on the test and also includes a few example questions for each of the topics discussed. If you are starting your GRE preparation now, this book is a must-read. This is an instrumental tool in your quest to find how to crack GRE.
  • ETS Math and Verbal Guides – Along with the Official Guide,  ETS has released two new dedicated guides to both Math and Verbal sections on the GRE. It is a well-known fact that the Official Guide does not have too many problems for you to work on. And this causes many students to search elsewhere for practice problems.
  • ETS Powerprep Software – The PowerPrep is a set of two free practice sets provided by ETS, the makers of the GRE. The user interface is exactly the same as the real test. So if you can get a hang of the PowerPrep, things will be easy for you on test day, as you don’t have to sweat the small stuff like the tutorial section, or how to mark and skip a question, etc.

So, collect all the necessary resources as soon as you start out on your quest to figure out how to crack GRE.


How to Crack GRE

Consistency is always more important than perfection. And test takers should get this into their heads as much as they can. Remember that you are not aiming to be the greatest test taker ever. You only want a really good GRE score and study at your dream university.

To get there, you need to keep the ball in the ballpark. Many students think that to get that magical score of 330, they need to master every arcane question they find on the internet, do thousands of questions, and memorize long lists of tough words.

That’s not true. Instead, you should get yourself as close as possible in the limited time that you have. Every time you try to be a perfectionist, you tend to make careless mistakes or simple calculation errors that you otherwise would have done right. So, try to get better every day, instead of trying to be perfect.


6. Ace the GRE Verbal and Own it!

If you don’t have a clear answer to the dire question of “how to crack GRE”, then just start working at your plan on how to ace the verbal section of GRE. Things don’t really go well for those who tend to overlook the importance of GRE Verbal section. I would request you to please make sure that GRE Verbal is taken care of, especially for the engineer out there. Out of hundreds of students that we have talked with, one important thing that makes us sad is that a vast majority of students end-up with a subpar GRE score just because they didn’t put enough efforts in their GRE Verbal prep. So in you plan of how to crackk GRE, make sure you have given due consideration to the verbal section.

Adarsh scored a perfect 332 in GRE. Here’s his interview.

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