Most common GRE mistakes!

Knowing the common GRE mistakes is important because the nature of GRE is a bit confusing, be it the adaptive nature of the test itself or the sharp variation of percentile with the score(have a look at our analysis of GRE Percentile variation). And in most cases, the students tend to make mistakes which they eventually regret a considerable time in the future.

Don’t Worry!

We’re here for You.

We have tried to list most of the common mistakes that the instructors and students have faced. However, you can always reach out to us and share your experience so that we can add some more points for the other GRE aspirants.

Let’s get started.

Scrimping on study material.


It has been noticed among many students though less prominent compared to other GRE Mistakes.

Some students tend to avoid spending money on study material. While some might think they can save a few thousand rupees or dollars, it isn’t very prudent to compromise with study material because of the fact that you are going to spend lakhs in admissions.

If spending few thousand can help you get a better yield from the lakhs you put into admissions.


Saving the practice tests for the last week


Yes, you do need to take some tests in the final days.

But that doesn’t mean avoiding them in the preparation stages. Do remember the crucial role these mock tests play in the gradual improvement of your GRE Score.

When you take a mock, first of all, you are somehow running a simulation of the actual GRE Test which is important as you get to know your own behavior in different situations. Second, you get to get an idea of your weak and strong areas everytime you take a GRE Mock test which you can use and work on the weaker ones.


Doing too much into your head.


Students tend to be overconfident about their calculating skills.

This leads to major, and very common GRE mistakes that a lot of students tend to make.

They will try not to pick up the pen and do it in their heads instead.

That’s a Problem

Because when you make your mind crunch the numbers for, say 15 questions.

It has fatigue set into it. This leads you to the land of silly mistakes as all that mental calculation starts to slow down.

Writing down all your work helps improve overall efficiency and reduce fatigue. Writing out your work also helps you to avoid careless errors, and, if you do make an error, it’s easier to catch it if all your work is on the paper in front of you.


Major GRE Mistakes – Being a perfectionist


While being a perfectionist certainly helps in most of the life situations, GRE is different.

Being stubborn or perfectionist can prove to be one of the worst GRE Mistakes you can make.

To get a nice GRE Score, it is important to know when to let a question go.

It’s part of the test.

Each problem on the test counts the same, regardless of its difficulty level, and questions don’t get harder within each section. For these reasons, it’s important to get all the way to the end of each Quant and each Verbal section.


Just don’t end up making silly GRE Mistakes just for the sake of getting that 1 insignificant question right so you can feed your ego!


Thinking that Verbal is all about VOCABULARY is a common GRE Mistake more than half of GRE takers make.


Vocab accounts for 50 % of GRE Verbal at most.

So focusing just on vocab is one of the biggest GRE mistakes.

Reading speed, comprehension ability, and contextual understanding are some other equally(if not more) important factors for GRE Verbal.

So instead of just going madly through flashcards, work on the above-listed skills.

The simplest way of doing that is….


Here’s some reading we recommend to improve your GRE Verbal score. Also, don’t forget to help us add more to the list by commenting.


Last minute preparations might lead to silly mistakes


Preparing on the test day is an absolute no-no.

Woman writing and planning business strategy

Again, fatigue is what caused by the final day preparations which isn’t good for your GRE Score.

You don’t wanna do that,do you?

So keep all these GRE Mistakes in mind when you train for it.

Try sharing your experience with the other students so everyone can keep them in mind and avoid the mistakes you made.

Also, share with your friends and family who might find this helpful.


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