Narender Damodardas Modi – India’s 14 Prime Minister, is an omnipotent leader who has made his presence felt across the world. From the very beginning of his tenure, he has been working ardently every day to uplift our nation and bring changes that others used to advocate during their election campaigns.

He has proven to be a great source of inspiration to the students and youth. Here are several aspects of his life and personality that one can implement in his or her life as life lessons.

Try to visualize the bigger picture

Have you ever thought about Mission 272+ considering the fact that 30 years have passed and no party has gained a majority with 100+ regional parties asking for votes on caste/religion politics? 

NaMo traveled more than 3.5 lakh km to address more than 400 rallies. He assembled one of the largest social media and political experts’ gatherings. He gave attention to the micro details to make his plan successful. This shows the biggest stopper in life is the thought – What if I fail? You should be willing to take risks and work hard towards your goals.

Adaptability and staying updated

We all know Narender Modi is a workaholic. Apart from that, a notable quality of him is his ability to adapt to the current technology. He stays updated on social media and is the 2nd most followed leader in the world, having more than 34M followers on Twitter!

Therefore, to stay ahead of others, you should keep yourself updated and be willing to adapt to the current situation. Do not forget the popular saying of Charles Darwin – “It is not the strongest of species that survives nor the most intelligent but the one that is most adaptable to change”.

He is an exceptional speaker

Don’t his speeches make you a fan of his public speaking irrespective of your political views? His speeches start with the language the audience speaks the most. This way people get instantly connected to him. It also shows that he cares enough to take out time and put effort to connect to the listeners.

He keeps moving his body sideways so that he can make eye contact with all the sections of the audience. Along with that, he uses tone variation to perfection which keeps the interest of the audience alive. He is a brilliant orator and you can too learn from his speaking skills.

Love for cleanliness

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is an extremely popular cleanliness drive run by our honorable Prime Minister Narender Modi. He is very particular about maintaining cleaning, not just in his office and home.

Maintaining cleanliness in your surroundings bring in a lot of positive vibes and help eradicate diseases and illness. Learning cleanliness from him will help make our country cleaner and our lives happier.

Learn to say ‘NO’

He said ‘NO’ to many old policies of his own party, rejected many established candidates and assigned new people challenging jobs. We as individuals find it hard to refuse or say NO to people and compromise with the situations, hoping something in our favor will materialize on its own.

You should be optimistic about life and respond when the time comes. But you have to be firm and be able to segregate the right from the wrong.

To sum up …

Despite being such a powerful leader, Narender Modi is very down to earth and deep-rooted to his family. He never forgets where he came from and is as humble as ever. Learning from his qualities will help you achieve success in your life too.